An adventure not to be missed

Wild Society is the ONE and ONLY kayak rental and adventure company providing such an incredible journey on Lake Tahoe's North Shore.

Take in all of Lake Tahoe's vast and picturesque landscape.  With its crystal clear clarity, various shades of turquoise shores and gorgeous private coves and hidden beaches all over; there is no better way to take in the magical scenery than floating along in an entirely transparent kayak delivering views unlike any other. 


Our Crystal Kayaks each are equipped with wireless waterproof speakers with USB plug to play what you desire with your own personal device, waterproof phone cases that keep your phones dry and even allow you to take underwater photos, high-quality "dry bags", binoculars, goggles and snorkels, a small cooler, 2 cup holders, selfie sticks and, of course, safety equipment needed to protect you in any situation.

Light Up this summer and explore Lake Tahoe after dark in our lit-up Crystal Kayaks!  The amazing team over at Crystal Kayaks has perfected THE experience of the summer and it was well worth the wait!  With a lighting system that makes each kayak glow in a variety of different colors and spotlight-like-light that gives you visibility of the water up to 20ft. below; this is an adventure unlike any seen in Lake Tahoe before!  Book this magical tour today!

**We do not deliver our kayaks to Sand Harbor**

90% of our photos seen here on our website and various social media pages were all taken a short distance from our launch location.  You will still get to experience that stunning turquoise water and large boulders you desire!

*At least a 2 hour rental is recommended to get over to the area we suggest*


Please review our notes Below the Online Booking window on this page before booking.

If you do not see the availability on the date and time you are looking for, give us a call or reach out via chat or email!  We might have more kayaks available than what you see online.

Price includes CA Sales Tax.



All kayaks are double kayaks, but can easily be used as a single.


When renting our Crystal Kayaks you must adhere to our rules, guidelines, and restrictions.  These rules and restrictions are in place for your safety, the safety of our staff, and the longevity of our equipment:

**ALL adventurers MUST arrive on time, 20 minutes prior to scheduled launch time and return at the scheduled time.  Late arrivals are at risk of cancellation WITHOUT refund.  We cannot adjust rental times when arriving late and for those who return the kayaks later than the scheduled return time; will be charged our hourly rate ($45/hr.) for the additional rental time.  We have lots of adventurers looking forward to sharing this experience, so please respect their time when thinking of extending your journey or arriving late without making prior arrangements with our staff.

Arrive prepared.  Please have all of your belongings that you would like to take on your adventure with you ready to go and sunscreen/beachwear on.  We need you to arrive 20 minutes in advance to have you go over our waivers and receive a thorough instruction before heading out on the water.  So, please arrive even earlier if you have personal things to take care of prior.  As stated above, we CANNOT adjust start times due to you not arriving prepared as needed.

Rules and Regulations
•      We will need to take a copy of your Driver's License, so please be sure to bring that along with you at check-in.

• At this time, due to safety concerns brought on by the heavy winter and extremely cool waters, age limit is 5 years or older; please let us know ahead of time if a minor will be joining you.

• Weight Capacity per kayak is 425 lbs.

• All participants must wear buckled life jackets at all times on board the kayaks *One size fits most; please let us know prior to rental if youth or larger sized vest is needed

• Minors must be accompanied in the kayak at all times. *There are some exceptions to this rule (school trips, kids’ camps, etc) and other written permissions apply.

• We do not allow participants to transport our kayaks. 

• We love our furry friends, but they will have to stay home for this adventure.  No pets allowed.

• Please do not bring glass items of any kind.


• Alcohol is Prohibited.  Please do not bring alcohol of any kind in our kayaks or show up to your rental after having consumed alcohol. 

• Please be mindful of your surroundings.  We appreciate our participants’ contributions to the protection and conservation of this beautiful lake.  Pack it in, pack it out and Keep Tahoe Blue. *If you are having trouble finding trash cans on your journey, please leave whatever it is in the kayak and one of our Travel Ambassadors will be happy to dispose of it.

Tips and Tidbits
• The kayaks can act as quite a reflector of the sun, so be sure not to forget to lather up on the sunscreen before and throughout your adventure.  Hats are a great addition to your attire, as well.

• Hydrate.  We always recommend bringing your own cool, hydrating beverages.

• Wear items you aren’t afraid to get wet because getting wet cannot be avoided.

• Leave your prized possessions at home.  We provide dry bags that do well at keeping your things free of moisture, but sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and things could get wet, so please take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents.  Some like to store their phones and other related items in Ziploc bags.

• Be sure to relax and really take in the scenery.  There is so much beauty to be seen and natural wonders to discover; soak it up.

For special requests or to discuss any of the above, please let us know in the 'Comments' section when booking or contacting us.

For more information about our Crystal Kayak Experience; see our FAQs  page.

Download and sign the Kayak Rental Equipment Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability

Wild Society is also an authorized dealer of Crystal Kayaks; giving you the exciting opportunity to purchase one of your very own and enjoy the magical waters around the world whenever you want!


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