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Exploring Lake Tahoe

The adventure opportunities in Lake Tahoe are endless. 

Due to the uncertain future of many local, small businesses, we have decided to take some time off from our Travel Concierge service to focus on our Clear Watersport Adventures and allow the other special businesses in our area get back on their feet once this stressful time begins to subside.

We offer an array of out of the ordinary days of fun and exploration in the Lake Tahoe area customized to fit you and your tribe's interests and desires; giving you an unique travel experience by showing you what Lake Tahoe truly has to offer.  Like the unreal adventure of our Clear Kayak & Clear SUP Rental Experience... but that's not all.


Most come to Lake Tahoe to bask in its beauty and get a taste of the outdoors, but few are aware of the quality in shopping, dining and out of the box entertainment there is to be enjoyed. 


Here at Wild Society, we share experiences, create memories, introduce you to hidden gems found all over and will forever change how you visit and explore Lake Tahoe.  We strive to curate an exclusive journey; one unlike any other.  A journey just for you.  Whether it be tailoring your day to celebrate a particular occasion or travel companion OR arranging an unusual day of fun to take on all of your tribe's passions and quirks; our Travel Ambassadors and Masterminds will put their knowledge and skills to work and create that special adventure all for you.


Simply tell us about yourself and your traveling tribe, what you all enjoy and are hoping to get out of your experience here by filling out our Adventure Questionnaire (coming soon; so for now please contact us HERE).  Once we go over your completed Questionnaire, we will devise and perfect an itinerary and make all arrangements for your special day.  Leave the details to us. 

Your journey awaits...
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