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Wild Society is an innovative troupe of Travel Ambassadors & Masterminds ready to create a one-of-a-kind Tahoe experience tailor-made to your every desire.

Jesswandering and Everchanginghorizon exploring Lake Tahoe in a Clear Kayak, transparent kayak rental lake tahoe

Vagary (n.) Latin

an unpredictable instance, a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild or unusual idea, desire or action

Step off the beaten path and trust our team of insiders to introduce you to this treasure trove of beauty and adventure that can be found here at magical Lake Tahoe.

Experience a day on the lake in one of our truly amazing clear kayaks and transparent SUPs. What sets us apart is our the location. With Wild Society, you can escape the crowds found at the overpopulated beaches, like Sand Harbor, and explore secret coves just a paddle away. These hidden gems are our best kept secret!

 Let us create the perfect day just for you and your tribe. 

A little bit about Wild Society

Wild Society is the first clear kayak & transparent rental company on the North Shore. We have spent many years perfecting our rental experience and it is an adventure unlike any other. What sets us apart is all about location. Sure, you can go to the usual places like Sand Harbor and Secret Cove, but those places are, well, far from "secret" . When you explore with us, you get to venture off to some of the most beautiful spots only a paddle away. Not only will you get to see Lake Tahoe from a unique perspective in one of our Clear Kayaks, but you also get an experience  exclusively brought to you by Wild Society Adventures.

Yes, those are our world famous kayaks

Major Social Media Influencers, Quin Schrock & Jess Dales explored Lake Tahoe in our transparent kayaks and made a video that has gone viral, along with several other photos in our kayaks that have been shared millions of times all over the world!  

wild society-9.JPG

To read more about their adventure with us, explore Jess Dales' blog


Not only do we share exclusive footage of our adventures, but we also offer up tons of hot travel takes, insider tips and guides to explore Lake Tahoe and beyond like a local.

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Adventurer Testimonials

“We had an incredible time renting the clear bottom kayaks from Wild Society.  They are in the perfect location for a paddle to see the beautiful clear waters of Tahoe! I would definitely recommend this excursion!”

Amie Engerbretson


Traveler Responsibility Pledge

The magic of Lake Tahoe lies in the culture of our communities and the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Before embarking on a journey to our beloved region, please take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge.  We appreciate your commitment to preserving the natural wonders of the Sierra. 

Share the pledge with your friends and family to help spread the word. 

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Wild Society is North Lake Tahoe's ONE & ONLY transparent Crystal Kayak Rental & Tour Company providing one-of-a-kind travel experiences that can't be beat!

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