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Clear Kayak & Transparent SUP Rentals & Tours

An adventure not to be missed
Clear Kayaking with @jesswandering & @everchanginghorizon
A view better than Sand Harbor in North Lake Tahoe

Take in all of Lake Tahoe's vast and picturesque landscape.  With its crystal clear clarity, various shades of turquoise shores and gorgeous private coves and hidden beaches all over; there is no better way to take in the magical scenery than floating along in an entirely transparent kayak or SUP delivering views unlike any other. 


Our clear kayaks each are equipped with wireless waterproof speakers with USB plug to play what you desire with your own personal device, waterproof phone cases that keep your phones dry and even allow you to take underwater photos, high-quality "dry bags", binoculars, a small cooler (upon request), selfie sticks and, of course, safety equipment needed to protect you in any situation.


NOTE:   During the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to discontinue the use of certain shared items, such as goggles and snorkels, but will have some to purchase at our location prior to your adventure.  Thank you for your understanding as we make adjustments to our experiences to provide all of our adventurers a safe space to enjoy.

**We do not operate/deliver our kayaks/SUPs to Sand Harbor**

90% of our photos seen here on our website and various social media pages were all taken a short distance from our launch location.  You will still get to experience that stunning turquoise water and large boulders you desire (without all the craziness and crowds you experience at Sand Harbor & surrounding areas)!

*At least a 2 hour rental is recommended to get over to the area we suggest and the 3 & 4 hour options give you plenty of time to reach a very beautiful cove only accessible by watercraft (HIGHLY recommended)*

PLEASE NOTE:  Our 1-hour rentals do not give you much time to explore outside of the public beach area surrounding our launch location.  If you are hoping to reach the very secluded coves with bright turquoise waters, you will need to book a longer rental.  However, Lake Tahoe is pretty much entirely turquoise no matter where you explore, so you will still get to experience the stunning waters during this rental, but timing is limited to venture off very far.

Light Up this summer and explore Lake Tahoe after dark in our lit-up Clear Kayaks!  The amazing team over at Crystal Kayaks has perfected THE experience of the summer and it was well worth the wait!  With a lighting system that makes each kayak glow in a variety of different colors and spotlight-like-light that gives you visibility of the water up to 20ft. below; this is an adventure unlike any seen in Lake Tahoe before!  Book this magical tour today!

Clear Kayaking Adventures North Lake Tahoe
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Please review our notes Below the Online Booking window on this page before booking.

*Price includes CA Sales Tax and TBID Tax*

You can book multiple reservations at a time.  That means if you are needing tandem AND singles, you can all at once by simply adding them to your cart.




Our single and double kayaks are the same.  We simply remove a seat to accommodate a single rental.  2 persons MAX for doubles.  We will not accommodate 3 persons in one kayak (even if it's 2 adults & 1 child). 

*Discounts cannot be applied after completing your reservation. We cannot go back and make adjustments to payments when forgetting to include promo code when checking out.  If you forget, you can save it for a future rental.  We hope you have so much fun that you want to come back (or maybe share the experience with a friend).


When renting our Clear Kayaks & Paddle Boards you must adhere to our rules, guidelines, and restrictions.  These rules and restrictions are in place for your safety, the safety of our staff, and the longevity of our equipment:


Our website is jam-packed with helpful information.  Please utilize the space and read through the FAQs page for our rules, regulations and tips prior to booking your rental.  It will provide you with everything you will need to know and how to prepare for your upcoming adventure.


We also have VERY strict policies regarding cancellations, bookings, arrival/return times and our damage policy.  Please be sure to go over those, as well, to prevent any surprises or confusion in these regards.