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About Wild Society

The Difference
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With Love,

The Wild Society

Experience the magic in a see through kayak

How It Started

Our Founder

Kaylee Howell is a Lake Tahoe native; raised in Incline Village, NV.  She is an ambitious gal who has always had big goals and has successfully surpassed each milestone she has set for herself.  The best one yet: becoming a business owner and creating the rewarding company that is Wild Society entirely on her own.  From logo design to website creation and marketing, to every administrative standpoint; her hands have been the sole attributors in the making of this business.  Beyond her accomplishments in the development of Wild Society, she has a true passion for the outdoors and a slightly obsessive love for Lake Tahoe.  

Having grown up in Incline Village, North Lake Tahoe has been her stomping grounds since early childhood, and she has embodied that adventurer spirit all her life.  The outdoors is where she thrives, and the water is where she belongs.  And that is where the conception of this business originated.  She has always enjoyed sharing this special place with visitors and kayaking is one of her most favorite activities, but she didn’t want to just offer your basic kayaking experiences.  It needed to be different, unique.  In comes the production of entirely transparent kayaks and the rest is history.  

The Collective

Kaylee Howell and Brittnee Bramy, the dynamic duo behind Wild & Tipsy Collective, have shared a deep bond for over 25 years. Their friendship blossomed in the charming Incline Village, NV, overlooking the stunning Lake Tahoe. United by a strong connection, they set out on a mission to bring magic and liveliness to a community seeking more. With ambitious goals, Brittnee and Kaylee evolved into influential female entrepreneurs, each carving their own path in the business world, shaping their futures, and lighting the way to a more vibrant tomorrow. Drawing inspiration from their varied experiences and daring escapades, they envisioned a place where culinary delights merge with wellness, creating a haven that transcends the ordinary.

Remedy Eatery
Owner and Friend Clear Kayaking
Owner of Wild Society
Kaylee Howell (left) & Brittnee Bramy (right)

Our Features

We have been lucky enough to have been noticed by the media and some pretty incredible writers.

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