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Frequently Asked Questions & Our Rules and Regulations

This page is jam-packed with helpful information.  Please utilize the space and read through it prior to your rental.

Tips & Tidbits


Scroll through the below slides to see the answers to all of our most frequently asked questions.


Q. Where are you located?

A. Our flagship location is located on the North Shore in the heart of Kings Beach, CA.  This is where all of our renters are directed to go at this time.  

Our address is:

8612 N. Lake Boulevard

It's a large green building with our Lifestyle Boutique in front (kayaks in the back) on the lakeside of N. Lake Boulevard at the Raccoon St. roundabout and right above the small parking lot for Raccoon Beach.

We have another location on the North Shore in Incline Village, NV that is currently a meeting point/transportation hub for our tours and soon-to-be an additional rental location.


Make sure you read over our Policies page to learn more about our VERY strict Cancellation and Booking Policies.

•      We will need to take a copy of your Driver's License, so please be sure to bring that along with you at check-in.

•    At this time, due to safety concerns brought on by the heavy winter and extremely cool waters, age limit is 5 years or older; please let us know ahead of time if a minor will be joining you.

•    Weight Capacity per kayak is 375 lbs.

•    All participants must wear buckled life jackets at all times on board the kayaks *One size fits most; please let us know prior to rental if youth or larger sized vest is needed.  Our life jackets are approved by the Coast Guard, so you must wear the ones we provide.  Personal life jackets are prohibited.

•    Minors must be accompanied in the kayak at all times.

*There are some exceptions to this rule (school trips, kids’ camps, etc) and other written permissions apply.

•    We do not allow participants to transport our kayaks.  

•     We have updated our pet policy for the 2021 season.  Pets under 30 lbs. are now allowed on our clear kayak adventures (not SUPs), but the following rules apply:


*All pets must have all vaccinations

*Pets must wear life vest & leash at least 6ft long at all times (you must bring your own, as we do not provide these items)

*Pets must be accompanied by an adult (18+)

*Must be well behaved and have a towel or mat under their spot on the kayaks at all times (towels & mats not provided)

*There will be a $25 pet fee charged at the time of your rental.

•    Please do not bring glass items of any kind.

•    No alcohol allowed.  This is a booze free adventure, so please save the alcoholic refreshments for after.

•    Please be mindful of your surroundings.  We appreciate our participants’ contributions to the protection and conservation of this beautiful lake.  Pack it in, pack it out and Keep Tahoe Blue.

*If you are having trouble finding trash cans on your journey, please leave whatever it is in the kayak and one of our Travel Ambassadors will be happy to dispose of it.

•    Kayaks/SUPs must not be pulled up onto sandy beaches or boulders.  If you want to get out at any coves or beaches, the equipment must remain on the water away from boulders and such and you must keep a close eye on them.  Sand, rocks and boulders cause severe damage to our equipment creating large scratches and diminishing the clarity of the kayaks/SUPs.  Please go over our Damage Policy on the Policies page to learn what it could cost you if you do not follow our instruction and take good care of our equipment and accessories.  These babies are not cheap!




ALL participants must complete our Kayak Rental Equipment Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability form via our online form prior to your rental.  Due to COVID 19, we have removed the option of completing a paper copy at the time of your rental to minimize contact.  If the waiver is not completed by all participants prior to your rental, those participants will NOT be able to go on this Clear Kayak Adventure.

Follow this link to complete, sign and submit the waiver:


*Be sure to send the link to the rest of your group, so they may complete the waiver prior to your adventure!

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