Q. Will I get wet?

A. Yes.  Although you will be sitting in a kayak-canoe hybrid, do expect to get a little wet.  Whether it be from the splashing of the paddles or the naturally occurring movement of the lake; you are bound to feel a little bit of that cool, Tahoe water during your journey.  Come prepared and dress accordingly.


Q. Is there a place to store our things?

A. Each kayak has a dry bag to store your items.  They are of decent size, but try to pack light and bring only the necessities to make your adventure comfortable and enjoyable.


Q. What do you recommend we bring?

A. Suggested Items:

            Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Towel, Clothes you don’t mind getting wet, Clothes for after the journey, Comfortable Water/Beach Shoes, Drinks and Snacks (Alcohol Prohibited) and a Camera with a waterproof case for all the many, many magical moments you are going to want to capture.


Q. How will the rental go?

A. One of our Travel Ambassadors will meet you at our location with the equipment.  You will read over and sign our Kayak Rental Equipment Agreement/Waiver and Release of Liability.  Once that is complete, you will be shown the equipment and instructed on how to use it, as well as, you will be given some expert guidance as to where you should explore if doing a self-guided rental.   After that, you will carry the kayaks down to the launch location and your rental begins.  Hop in and set sail. 


Q. What is provided with the rental?

A. We provide:

Life Vests, Safety Equipment, Dry Bags, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Snorkel Equipment, Waterproof Phone Cases and much more! 


Q. What is the best time to go kayaking?

A. Late afternoons tend to get windy, so we suggest going in the morning.  It is common to experience smooth, glassy waters in the early mornings, but you can expect slightly cooler temps in the early summer months.


Q. Do you have recommendations on where we should go or are we on our own?

A. You are free to wander in any direction you desire, but our guides are very knowledgeable with the area and are always willing to share with you what there is to explore and how to get there.  *Side Note: Every inch of Lake Tahoe is magnificent and has a view worth exploring.


Q. Is there anywhere we are not allowed to go?

A. The lake is yours to explore.  Although, we do request that you please refrain from wandering too deep into the center of the lake.  With the amazing winter we had, the lake is bound to be full of power boats this season and your safety is our biggest concern.  Of course, keep an eye on the time and make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive back when scheduled.


Q. Is it easy to flip the kayaks?

A. No, it is not.  The width and depth of the kayaks lessen your chances of capsizing.  They are very stable and rather easy to get in and out of.


Q. Do I need to have kayaking experience?

A. Absolutely not!  Our kayaks are incredibly easy to use and it doesn’t take much practice or skill to maneuver. A short instruction will be provided by one of our Ambassadors prior to launching to get you comfortable with the equipment.


Q. Will I tire easily?

A. As with most any outdoor activity, there will be some bit of exertion, but there is no need to hurry or travel far.  You will be floating in an entirely clear kayak in one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world; what’s the rush?  Check out that view and just cruise or stop and float for a while; do whatever suits you, just as long as you have fun!


Q. What are some safety concerns?

A. The only two concerns we have for our participants’ safety is the risk of hypothermia and rough waters caused by a windy day.  We have had a record-breaking winter following a record-breaking drought and filling up the lake to a record-breaking level.  All of that insane amount of snow is rapidly melting and flowing into the lake bringing the temperature down to a cool 59°F.  A temperature that increases the risk of hypothermia.  Also, our kayaks do not handle choppy conditions well, like your standard kayak would.  Because of their shape, they do not carve through the waves and tend to take on a lot of water if the conditions become wavy.  For that reason, as a necessary precaution, we request that all participants wear their buckled life vests at all times when enjoying the kayaks and head back immediately when the weather/water begins to change.  Other than those concerns, the Crystal Kayak Experience is a very safe outdoor adventure.

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