The Clear Experience Rates

For an adventure you will never forget; it'll be worth every penny.

At a time when social distancing has become an important way of life to keep us all safe and healthy; kayaking and paddle boarding will be an excellent way to get outdoors, enjoy the clean, crisp air and explore the shores of stunning Lake Tahoe without risking the overall health of others!

Set sail on the north side of Lake Tahoe and wander freely with a self-guided transparent kayak or SUP rental.  We provide the safety equipment needed for you and your tribe to float the lake safely, storage to keep your personal belongings nice and dry, as well as, some fun toys (like snorkel gear (we may discontinue the use of this shared item, but will have ones to purchase), wireless speakers and selfie sticks upon request; free of charge) to make your experience even better. 

We always go above and beyond to make sure all of our equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between uses, but will be taking extra precautions, so all of our adventurers feel comfortable, protected and in good hands.

Clear Kayak Rental Schedule

1 Hour Single & Tandem

2 Hour Single & Tandem

3 Hour Single & Tandem

4 Hour Tandem

8:00 - 10:00

11:00 - 1:00

9:00 - 12:00

9:00 - 1:00

9:00 - 10:00

Instruction will begin promptly 20 minutes before each rental start time.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you do not make it in time to hear the full instruction, you will not be able to participate in this adventure & refunds WILL NOT be given.  Our time is valuable and we ask that you please respect that & your fellow adventurers and arrive on time to ensure every participant gets the stellar experience you all deserve! 

Summer is a very busy time for Lake Tahoe, so be prepared and give yourself plenty of extra time to travel to our location and find parking.  

Rental & Tour Rates


1 Hour SUP Rental

Price is per SUP

Does not include taxes & fees



2 Hour SUP Rental

Price is per SUP

Does not include taxes & fees


3 Hour SUP Rental

Price is per SUP

Does not include taxes & fees



1 Hour Single Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


Life is meant for good friends and great

1 Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


2 Hour Single Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees



2 Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees



3 Hour Single Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


3 Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


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4 Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


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6 Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Price is per Kayak

Does not include taxes & fees


1.5 Hour Lit Up After Dark Tour

Price is per Person

Does not include taxes & fees



Cancellation Policy:

For Rental cancellations, please contact at least 1 week before your scheduled rental to avoid being charged without possibility of refund.  Any and all scheduling changes must be made prior to this 1 week window, as well, and falls under the same policy.  Possibility of schedule changes is not guaranteed.  Last minute changes and those made within that 1 week window are subject to the same penalties as last minute cancellations and no-shows (no refunds).  A $25 fee will apply to ALL cancellations and reservation changes (fee per change).

For Tour cancellations, please contact at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled tour to avoid being charged without possibility of refund.  Any and all scheduling changes must be made prior to this 2 week window, as well, and falls under the same policy.  Last minute changes and those made within that 2 week window are subject to the same penalties as last minute cancellations and no-shows (no refunds).  A $25 fee will apply to ALL cancellations and reservation changes (fee per change).

We also ask that you do not schedule multiple days or times to save those time slots while you confirm your plans and decide which to keep or in hopes that we will have the correct number of kayaks you are needing, but not seeing available upon booking.  Doing so takes away opportunities for other adventurers to book and is not fair to them.  We will charge a minimum fee of at least $40 PER KAYAK when this is done.

Our policy is written without exceptions.  


Of course, the weather here in Lake Tahoe can be unpredictable, so please be aware of the possibility of cancellation if the weather does not permit and the conditions are unsafe.  In these circumstances, full refund will be given.  We appreciate your understanding.


Please abide by our rules and do not deny your fellow adventurers of this opportunity by making last minute changes.  We have tons that are eagerly awaiting their chance to enjoy this experience.  Thank you for your cooperation.

For Booking Errors:

Correction of accidental booking errors can be made free of charge if correction request is made within 24 hours of when booking was made.  For resolution, please email




Our single and double kayaks are the same.  We simply remove a seat to accommodate a single rental.  2 persons MAX for doubles.  We will not accommodate 3 persons in one kayak (even if it's 2 adults & 1 child). 


When renting our Clear Kayaks & Paddle Boards you must adhere to our rules, guidelines, and restrictions.  These rules and restrictions are in place for your safety, the safety of our staff, and the longevity of our equipment:

At this time, due to safety concerns brought on by the heavy winter and extremely cool waters, age limit is 5 years or older and children must be accompanied by an adult in the kayak at ALL TIMES.  Minors aged 14 or older do not need adult accompaniment, but must be under adult supervision.   

*There are some exceptions to this rule (school trips, kids’ camps, etc) and other written permissions apply.

Weight Capacity per kayak is 375 lbs.

Weight Capacity per SUP is 200 lbs. 

We do not allow participants to transport our kayaks or SUPs.  We will set you up with the equipment, give you instruction and safety briefing and direct you to our launch location directly below our shop.

You may not rent our equipment at a group rate and swap more people on and off at our rates.  We do not sublease our equipment.  If you are looking to do a group event, you must discuss it with the owners or management first.

We have updated our pet policy for the 2021 season.  Pets under 30 lbs. are now allowed on our clear kayak adventures (not SUPs), but the following rules apply:

*All pets must have all vaccinations

*Pets must wear life vest & leash at least 6ft long at all times (you must bring your own, as we do not provide these items)

*Pets must be accompanied by an adult (18+)

*Must be well behaved and have a towel or mat under their spot on the kayaks at all times (towels & mats not provided)

*There will be a $25 pet fee charged at the time of your rental.

Lake Tahoe is an ever-growing travel destination and with only 2-lane highways in the basin traffic can really build up.  So, be sure to give yourself PLENTY of extra time to get to our location and find parking to avoid a late arrival.  Late arrivals will be cancelled and not refunded; without exception.  Be sure to use the various apps out there for accurate directions (like Google Maps) and traffic conditions in real time (like Waze) to avoid any issues.  All adventurers are responsible for their own time; please respect ours.


**ALL adventurers MUST arrive on time, 20 minutes prior to scheduled launch time and return at the scheduled time.  Late arrivals are at risk of cancellation WITHOUT refund.  If you have not arrived 20 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, your reservation will be cancelled and your reserved kayaks will be given to one of the many people on our Cancellation List.  We will not accommodate late arrivals by allowing our adventurers to go out for the remainder of their originally scheduled time and cannot adjust rental times when arriving late.  For those who return the kayaks later than the scheduled return time; will be charged our hourly rate ($60/hr.) for every 30 minutes of the additional rental time not previously arranged with our staff.  We have lots of adventurers looking forward to sharing this experience, so please respect their time and ours when thinking of extending your journey or arriving late without making prior arrangements with our staff.  Absolutely no exceptions to the above rules.  

 Arrive prepared.  Please have all of your belongings that you would like to take on your adventure with you ready to go and sunscreen/beachwear on.  We need you to arrive 20 minutes in advance to have you go over our waivers and receive a thorough instruction before heading out on the water.  So, please arrive even earlier if you have personal things to take care of prior.  As stated above, we CANNOT adjust start times due to you not arriving prepared as needed.

Most importantly if you feel like your age, physical health, or mental condition may cause any harm to yourself or our staff please do not rent from us.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Also, if for any reason we feel that your age, physical, mental condition or behavior and attitude may put yourself, your group, other people, our equipment, property or staff in jeopardy, we will not rent to you.



For lost, stolen or damaged kayaks and/or SUPs and provided equipment & accessories, we will charge adventurer's card on file or require payment upon return (or lack thereof).  There will be a fee of $75 or more for any major scratches to our kayaks and SUPs.  Adventurers must agree to take full financial responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items included in our adventures, as stated in the required and signed Liability Waiver Form.

Replacement costs for damaged equipment are as follows:

Clear Kayak: $1,900

SUP: $2,200

Seat: $85 

Paddle: $65 

Skeg (fin on back): $75

Life Vests: $50 

Life Preserver Cushion: $40

Bilge Pump: $25

Wireless Speaker: $50

Dry Bag: $30

Cooler: $25

Selfie Stick: $20

Binoculars: $20

For special requests or to discuss any of the above, please let us know in the 'Comments' section when booking or contacting us.

For more information about  The Clear Experience; see our FAQs  page.


ALL participants must complete our Kayak Rental Equipment Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability form via DocuSign prior to your rental.  Due to COVID 19, we have removed the option of completing a paper copy at the time of your rental to minimize contact.  If the waiver is not completed by all participants prior to your rental, those participants will NOT be able to go on this Clear Kayak Adventure.

Follow this link to complete, sign and submit the waiver:


*Be sure to send the link to the rest of your group, so they may complete the waiver prior to your adventure!

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*Please email your questions, concerns, inquiries and requests to the appropriate department.  Emails will not receive a response if sent to the incorrect department.*


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NOTE:  We are incredibly understaffed and are receiving an overwhelming number of emails and calls daily.  It will undoubtably take some time to respond to all emails, so we thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

**This is a small business with a small number of amazing humans doing their absolute best to keep up with the higher than normal influx of visitors to this area and provide this magical experience to our lovely customers.  

We are among the many, many local businesses that have been deeply impacted by the increase in demand and strains on the workforce, so we ask you to please be patient and please be kind.

Our website is jam-packed with helpful information.  Please utilize the space and read through the FAQs page for our rules, regulations and tips!**

*If the answer to your question can be answered on our FAQs page, we will respond by directing you to it, so please read through the abundance of information that can be found there before sending an email.